Originally from Boston, MA but recently relocated to Denver, CO, Actualize is a prolific visual designer that has made the world his canvas with his intricate projection designs and moving art installations, using the latest cutting-edge technology to make his dream come alive. Anything is on the table with this visionary, from producing live visuals and 3D-imagery on the fly in real-time, to state-of-the-art projection mapping turning architecture into art. He is known for his unique effects based visual style, where almost all of what you see is being generated live from artwork or animations run through custom effect parameters and combinations to produce original visuals driven by both manual controls and live audio to create a highly engaging, fully synchronized audio-visual experience. Recently featured in Conscious Electronic’s article “The EDM Industry’s Top Visual Artists & Live Animators”, Actualize has become widely regarded as one of the best at what he does. Over the course of the last four years which make up his visual career he has created artwork, visual content, and provided live stage visuals for hundreds of different artists, as well as worked as a creative/visual director aiding in stage design, art gallery design, and booking/coordinating other visual artists for festivals and events such as Equinox and ReVibe. With the tagline “Change The Way You See The World”, this visionary artist is dedicated to helping others shift their perspective to see life as an opportunity to create love and beauty together.

Supporting Cause:

Mental Health & Recovery

I think that poor mental health is the root cause behind many of the other issues we face as people and as a species, and should be our top priority. I have experienced my own variety of mental health issues, and found that once I started attending therapy and putting more time and attention to imporiving my mental health, my happiness and productivity has increased a lot.