AfterShock Team Member: Community Engagement

Location: Boston, MA

Skills: Event Management, Press/Media


Donald is an individual with a strong desire for exploring new ideas, hobbies, lifestyles, and to bring and share positivity with the world. Lead by curiosity, its allowed him to lead his robotics team to the FRC World’s Championship, build autonomous drones, become a fire performer, and develop a passion around learning. He recently launched a podcast called ‘The Sleepless Sessions’. His podcasts aim is to provide a platform for those following their dreams, passions, and living unconventional lives in pursuit to create more dialogue around various lifestyles and stories. Upon years of exposure to the music world as a consumer of music, concerts, and festivals, he expressed interest in learning more about the entertainment industry from the ground up. Donald met Louis Piotti and Mike DelGaudio in the summer of 2019 ,and in 2021, after building a stronger connection, with a mutual interest in making an impact on communities and bringing people together, decided to accept an invitation to partner with Aftershock to aid the growth of the brands vision for a forward thinking approach towards the industry and to spark various impacts in communities. Donald is excited to work alongside the Aftershock team. 

Supporting Cause - Mental Health & Recovery

If there was an option to put multiple responses, I would have chosen all of them. Mental Health & Recovery,  at the end of the day, I want to see a world where individuals can get the help that they may need, and for an increased education and awareness around mental health, and recovery. As someone who’s been in the shoes of someone struggling with both areas, I want to be able to do my part to aid the process for a more positive future.