AfterShock Team Member: Marketing Director

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Skills: Graphic Design, Marketing Management, Photographer/Videographer


Hey everyone – my name is Emma and I’m 23 yrs old. I studied biochemistry in college, but couldn’t see myself hidden away in a lab. Fate answered and I was introduced to AfterShock. Since then I’ve been presented with some amazing opportunities. This entire organization is made up of people who are taking action to turn their dreams into reality. So whatever you’re thinking about doing… do it!

I’m a firm believer that everybody needs an outlet of expression and love that this scene gives people an environment to do just that.

Supporting Cause - Mental Health & Recovery

I am no stranger to mental health, battling depression, body dysmorphia, and anxiety since high school. My junior year of college I took a course on Buddhism and began to study/practice meditation, yoga, and spirituality. It helped me realize that I am not my emotions or what happens to me. Your life is a reflection of your perspective on the world. I want to help others realize their potential and that they are the creators of their own reality; that their possibilities are limitless.