Location: Columbia, SC

Skills: Artist Educator, Event Management, Music Producer, Organizational Supporters, Production Management, Visual Artist/VJ


DJ; VJ; Producer; Business owner

The Player 1 Project- Is inspired by nostalgic retro video games mixed with heavy head bobbing early hip hop beats and scratching to create a friendly competitive vibe that takes the listeners back in time yet within the grasp of the future by incorporating glitches that make you want to blow the dust off those old cartridges.


Player 1 Productions- Player 1 Productions focuses on innovation, determination, and excellence. We combine these skills to bring artist’s dreams to life through production, sound and light engineering, stage design, and so much more! Player 1 Productions specializes in using our industry connections to bring what may seem unattainable to reality through the eyes of our customers and our community. 

Supporting Cause - Environmentalism

As a university graduated geologist whos studies carbon sequestration and reclamation I constantly strive to make  our mother earth safe and healthy so we can pass it on to future generations in the best livable conditions possible. It is our duty to make its inhabitants aware of the environment and teach other on how to sustain its beauty.