AfterShock Team Member: Internal Label A&R

Location: Newark, DE

Skills: Artist Educator, Audio Engineer, Event Management, Graphic Design, Instrumentalist, Marketing Management, Music Producer, Photographer/Videographer, Songwriter, Vocalist


My name is Khari Hayden, but most just call me Khayden. I’m a creative professional born and raised in Delaware with a passion for music, art, and education. I attended the University of Delaware from 2014-2015, but after two semesters of being undecided, I took some time off to recalibrate. During this recalibration period, I dove deeper into the world of street performing and gigging, which I had been dipping my toes into ever since age 16. 


With knowledge of music production, performance, marketing, as well as photography, videography, and graphic design, I have helped build AfterShock’s education program and look forward to making a positive impact on content and future generations of artists.

Supporting Cause - Music & Arts Education

I believe education leads to elevation. We must supply artists with the knowledge, tools, and the real world experiences needed to take there crafts to the next level. It is no longer good enough to just be talented at one thing and expect to succeed in today’s market. Artists need to understand both business and philosophy, must be highly adaptable, and need to understand the impact they can have on the community around them. 


Living as a self-employed artist for many years now, I believe it’s my duty to pass on the information I’ve obtained throughout my journey.