A creative from Philly who loves art, impact, and connecting others. I started AfterShock with the goal of empowering artists to develop their creative passions while helping the world around them. After graduating from UD I started working in pharmaceutical advertising under Pharmacy Times and enterprise technology sales under Ultimate Software while finishing my MBA at West Chester University.

Since then, my team and I created AfterShock Fam, a 501c3 record label based out of Philadelphia. We focus on providing underserved artists the necessary resources for creative development and social impact. Our current programs & workshops are running virtually through Universities, community organizations, and our creative network, with plans of live curricula after COVID regulations are lifted.

During the pandemic in 2020 on Halloween, I had the opportunity to be the Festival Director for ReVibe Wellness Retreat. This was my first large-scale event and first-ever vertical music festival which was hosted by the DoubleTree Hilton in Myrtle Beach. With COVID regulations and safety our #1 priority, we managed to have about 2000 guests on the resort property for a weekend of electronic funk and bass music without a single COVID case.

Lastly, I began advising on a Recovery Community Organization called Sober AF Entertainment (SAFE). SAFE is innovatively engaging and enriching the lives of individuals in recovery through our education & outreach at different concerts, music festivals, and sporting events. My team at AfterShock helped them host their virtual and live music events during the first Q of 2021, and I connect them with event promoters and venues to provide Sober Sections and Recovery Support at events around the country. I have always held recovery and mental health close to my heart due to many of my friends and family that I have seen struggle.

Looking for more connections involved with Music Production, Music/Nonprofit Management, and Curriculum/Program Design to be a part of our educational programs for underserved artists focusing in arts & creative entrepreneurship.

Supporting Cause:

Music & Arts Education

I have always envisioned a world that no one would live without purpose. When I began working in music, I finally found something that made me feel like I belonged. When we started AfterShock, the goal was the give every artist the opportunity to explore their creativity so that they too could find meaning in a world that constantly makes us feel disconnected. I believe that a better world is possible, and that music, art, and community are the true means of coming back to our roots.