AfterShock Team Member: Board Member, VP & Treasurer

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Skills: Label Management, Music Producer, Vocalist


My name is Mike DelGaudio, I’m a 25 year old entrepreneur born and raised in Long Island, New York. I work as a financial advisor and am the treasurer, co-founder and one of the key members of Aftershock for executive strategy, relationship building and project management. My biggest passions in life are music, business, and designing my life the way I see fit. My love for music has given me some of the most incredible relationships, jaw-dropping experiences, and an open mind that operates from a state of love and abundance. In my humble opinion, I truly believe that music is the most powerful unifying force out there.


To bring to fruition an idea that sparked from one of many beautiful music festival experiences with my brother Louis Piotti has shattered my perception of what’s possible in life. We have worked so hard to carve our own footprint in such a saturated industry and I have full conviction that we have the team, processes, value and culture to achieve whatever we set our sights on. I am blessed and thankful to be able to be in a position to impact communities that are in need, dissolve the stigma of volunteering, and to build our own brand of incredible like-minded artists and creatives. The sky is the limit and we are going to shock the world connecting one conscious creator at a time!

Supporting Cause - Mental Health & Recovery

Helping others create peace of mind in their lives is my “why” and part of my vision for the world. Anxiety, insecurity and depression were issues that I dealt with in my childhood and affect us all on some scale in our lives. The conversation on mental health has never been more important in an age where we are seemingly connected like never before via technology, yet everyone feels more disconnected now than ever. I’m passionate towards giving mental health the platform it deserves and to support a vision towards making the world a better place.