On his wave as a truly unique electronic musician, Super Future is riding the momentum of his inaugural years performing at major festivals and co-headlining national tours. Masterfully blending a wide range of music from the bright and ethereal, to entrancing downtempo, to deep and heavy freeform, and even virtuosic guitar solos, Super Future provides listeners with an engaging spectrum of sound that becomes a journey with every live experience. While his fans know him for his mesmerizing sound design, they also admire the introspective and psychospiritual themes he brings with his art. Nick delivers a conscious, metaphysical experience and message to his audiences while masterfully keeping the energy high with trap and bass. Stream his latest collaborative EP with good friend Wreckno, “HYPERNATURAL”, or find him on big stages and streams across the bass music world to hear the forward-thinking sound Super Future is always creating!

Supporting Cause:

Human & Civil Rights

Every year I’m blown away by both the insane lack of civil and human decency we face as a species. Some are having harder times than others. There is clearly work, activism, and awareness needed to make the changes needed to make our world flourish. To me this and the environmental activism would cause a cascade effect to help all other causes needing action, since the changes start with a happy and well-looked after human brother/sisterhood.