Location: Newark, DE

Skills: Graphic Design, Music Producer, Visual Artist/VJ


I like to think of myself as a technical creative. I am one who knows a lot about different technical computer concepts, and also one who loves to be creative. Combining my two passions has led me to pick up the hobbies of: music production, DJing, graphic designing, and video production. 

I love to mix bass music genres together and don’t let my performances single out to one style. I’ve found myself doing all kinds of sets including: Riddim / Heavy Dubstep, Space Bass / Experimental, Techno / House and Downtempo / Dub. I mainly produce dubstep and future bass and numerous IDs brewing waiting to be shared with the world. Stay tuned!

Contact me for musical and multimedia inquiries!

Supporting Cause - Chronic Illness & Disease

I believe as one born with relatively no major health problems, I believe it’s great to sponsor giving back to people and families who are less health-fortunate.