A young aspiring House Head from Philadelphia! Love to bring a groove and energy to a crowd. He connects with good people and infectious energy. His combination of catchy vocals, percussive drum grooves and thick sub heavy bass lines make his shows something special to see. With a string of releases on the way, both independently and with some prominent house labels, Heph is poised for a big year. Look out for him to be hitting a dance floor near you soon!

Supporting Cause:

Mental Health & Recovery

Besides my own personal struggles I’ve seen mental health issues affect other people around me. My Dad’s best friend suffered from depression and had a hard time sharing it with anyone. He ended up taking his own life. It came as a huge shock to us. It happened pretty suddenly and was hard to get any explanation. This experience is one of the reasons why I believe in causes that fight depression and offer resources for those battling with it. None of us are alone, it just takes some good people to offer a helping hand. ⁠