AfterShock Team Member: Education 

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Skills: Artist Educator, Audio Engineer, Instrumentalist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist


After rocking stages from Nashville to LA, guitarist/producer Ryan Muldoon, aka Hippie Trap, now resides in Jersey City, NJ captivating live audiences across the tri-state with his signature blend of electronic beats, psychedelic storytelling, and chunky guitar riffs. The sounds of the psychedelic 60’s fuse with today’s electronic music to form the unique grooves which keep his audiences moving until the sun comes up.  Recently, Hippie Trap released 3 eps titled “The Late Night Edition Vol 1-3” showcasing his range of sounds from funky to crunchy. With a string of singles planned for 2021, he intends to help bring the good vibes back to everyone.    

Supporting Cause - Music & Arts Education

Passing down knowledge and mentorship to younger generations is vital to keeping all forms of art alive and thriving.  Helping kids and people learn art and music aids the whole world in hearing the song that could bring global healing.