Location: Tampa, FL

Skills: Graphic Design, Visual Artist (VJ)


“I’m a visual jockey and digital artist based out of Tampa, Fl. I’m in charge of bringing sets to life by mixing various video clips, effects and transitions LIVE.

COVID-19 gave me a very unique opportunity to do over 150+ live stream sets, allowing me to work with tons of amazing artists from various music genres and backgrounds. I’ve been able to grow my skills as an artist and am now branching into 3D design, NFT’s and custom tour visuals!

As festivals and shows slowly start to pick up, keep your eyes peeled because I could be the one running visuals at your next event! 🙂 

Supporting Cause - Animal Rights & Services

My happy place is when I’m surrounded by my four-legged friends and I grew up rescuing animals of all kinds and rehabilitating them. I hope to one day have my own animal sanctuary where I can help the animals that are forgotten and left behind and give them a life full of love. Until I’m able to do so, I donate my time and money to various animal organizations across the US.