AfterShock Team Member: Artist Educator

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Skills: Artist Management, Event Management, Label Management, Marketing Management, Merchandising


Shneur Fomin is a music industry visionary. A tenured teacher in the NYC Department of Education with a love for supporting up and coming artists of all paths. A co-owner at Panky Rang Productions who has experience around event curation, stage management, talent buying, and project development. His entrepreneurial passions also led him to merchandise management through his work with The Pin Co. & Sunshine Attire. He has established multiple avenues in which he not only gives back to the artists he works with but to the community as a whole. 

Supporting Cause - Music & Arts Education

As a teacher in the New York City public school system and more importantly a dreamer, I believe in the need for this program to provide the proper resources and foundation for many of these students to gain a foothold in the music industry.