AfterShock Team Member: Former Marketing Director

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Skills: Event Management, Marketing Management, Merchandising, Organizational Supporters, Press/Media


Like most people in the business, for me it all started with pure love for music. I realized at a young age my zest ran much deeper than the music on the top charts and radio stations and decided to cultivate my passion into a career. 

While studying Communications and Music Business at the University of Georgia, I got my start volunteering in artist relations and hospitality at local venues and events. After graduation, I spent the summer interning for C3 Presents working on the marketing team for some of the largest festivals in the US before moving on to work in the music department at Paradigm Talent Agency. I was introduced to the AfterShock team shortly after the pandemic hit and served as the Marketing Director for six months. Even though my main responsibilities were social media and press relations, my favorite memories are working closely with non-profit beneficiaries and seeing first-hand the possibilities of what can happen when you connect creators with cause. From the beginning days of AfterShock Music Week, to ReVibe Retreat and everything in between, I’m incredibly grateful for my time at AfterShock and to this family for their work in sharing this mission to empower artists and take action to drive positive change. So much love to this fam – keep killin it!

Supporting Cause - Human & Civil Rights

2020 was a tumultuous, heartbreaking year that brought social and racial injustice to the forefront of conversation. We live in a country where so many people don’t have access to basic needs, where so many vulnerable groups are put at higher risk for abuse, and so many injustices happen with no consequence to those in power. I’m passionate about this cause because there is still SO much change that is needed. It’s imperative that we continue having conversations, educating ourselves, protesting, donating, sharing resources, and doing everything we can to fight for a more inclusive and equitable society.